Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not your typical crazy Saturday...

Often our Saturdays are crazy.  It seems one the kids always has something to do.  Maybe a birthday party, often a ballgame, or/and ball practice.  Today the only definate plan was my oldest was going skating with his girlfriend for her birthday.

Well as I am sure you know Dr. Suess's Birthday is this week.  Of course Target wanted to celebrate.  So, we decided to head over to the celebration.
They had some poor soul to wear a stupid hat someone to read different Dr. Suess books, and they gave each child a treat bag.  The treat bag was nice.  Josie was so excited to get something for free.  She has heardd the word free and coupon way to much from her momma. 

 The bag had a  lil snack in it. The kids really enjoyed the snack that included apple juice boxes, cheese crackers, and fruit snacks. There was also stickers, crayons, coloring book, coupons, and they even remembered a napkin.  Josie looked thru her bag and immediately say a  booklet of coupons and got up to bring them to me (momma trained her well).  After we were done listening to storytime she asked if we could buy something since we had coupons.

All in all it was very fun...and, my kids wanna tell Target...Thank-You for a GREAT time.

As a side note Parker was very well behaved (insert not screaming his head off).  I didn't let him sit in the floor I left him in the buggy, and he could see the kids and the person reading very well.  Oh, and a lil giggle...Parker has never had a juice box before.  He tried to grab it from me and squirted himself in the eye.  It FREAKED him out.



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