Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ok...just so you guys know...I am NUTS!!!

I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to holidays. I remember growing up...we always did something fun when my parents were off for a day. Well as you know yesterday was President's Day. I unfortunately had to work. However, we still celebrated when I got home. We made oreo truffles (yes, I know this has nothing to do with President's Day...but they are yummy.) Then we colored some pages about President Washington, Lincoln, and Obama. We even did a dot to dot of President Obama's face. Well I also ordered a few new books just for the holiday. Someone please tell me you bought new books for President's Day too. Please....

This book was very cute. It is about how the class puts on a play for President's Day. It is a series and I hope to get more of them.

Well here are the other Holidays I am currently planning for.

March 2-Dr. Suess's Birthday

March 8-Mardi Gras (anybody got a good recipe for a King Cake)

March 17-St. Patrick's Day (ordered a new book yesterday)

March 20-First Day of Spring (also, my oldest son's birthday)

April 1-April Fool's Day (I like goof my kids)

April 22-Earth Day

April 24-Easter

Yeah...I am nuts...but hey...we all have our own weirdness. Right?

Speaking of Easter...here is a cute giveaway that would be perfect...


it is this book

I think I need it...don't you...

It can be bought here.


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  1. What fun! I think I may have to try celebrating more holidays.