Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2nd...It's Dr. Seuss's Birthday!!!

Well it is no secret...Today is Dr. Seuss's Birthday...

Josie's school is celebrating.  They asked all students to wear stripes.  I would have loved for her to wear red and white stripes...but, the only thing we had was Christmas dress with a tree on the front.

So, she is wearing this cute lil' outfit from Marshalls. I really like it...and it was a great price at $12.99 (that included the shirt, leggings, and headband).
Since it is still winter (although it will be over 60 today).  We added this great lil' sweater.  (She wore a coat too.)

 To tie into the theme a tad we put a Cat in the Hat sticker on her sweater.  It was sticker we received at Target Saturday...thank you Target.

 We had some girl time after her bath last night.  I put her hair up in pigtails and then rolled them on sponge rollers.  I also painted her fingernails.  Yes, they are blue with white stripes.  They turned out very cute. 

The kids woke up this morning to another lil' treat.  Josie just loves getting lil' treats like this. 

We ended our girl time last night with a cuddle and of course a Dr. Seuss book.  One of our favorites.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Well Toodles For Now,



  1. cute outfit. DS's school asked all the kiddo's to come in their jammies today

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  5. so cute!

  6. Hi! I'm stopping by from This for That! What a cute little dress! I'm sure she had fun at Dr. Suess Day, and thanks for reminding me (our day for dress up is tomorrow...we are doing anything red, white, and black.)

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  9. Oh wow I love that mint idea how cute is that?! What a great idea :)


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  11. Adorable!

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  12. Cute outfit.

    My kids had a read-a-thon that day and the lunch room served green eggs and ham......doesn't really sound appetizing to me. =0)