Thursday, November 3, 2011

So...very thankful...for Mamaw and Papaw

I am so very blessed in so many ways. Including wonderful parents that are a very big part of my life. They are a true blessing to me and my lil' family. We adore you Mom and Dad...Mamaw and Papaw...
Thank You for all that you do!!!

We did enjoy this little book last sweet...I especially loved the part about cuddling im Mommy...

Parker really is starting to love for me to read to him and is our wind-down time at night...and, it sure puts a smile on Momma's face.  :)

Tonight we will be reading this book...

But...I have got to share with you guys...the best brownies in the world...and, trust me I am an

These are as good as my homemade brownies...and 100 x's better an other mix.  Trust me...try them you will not be sorry!

Okay...that was some randomness for

Toodles for now...

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