Friday, November 4, 2011

So...thankful...for a warm bed...

Do you ever stop to think...when you crawl under the covers at night...that not everyone has a warm bed to call their own.  Yes...I often find myself sharing my bed with a 7 or 2 year know what...I don't want it any other way.  Warm beds...soft sheets...I am so thankful my family has these to crawl into every night. we are very blessed!!!  It is amazing how much we take for granted...

Let us all try to not take so much for granted.  Lets try very hard!

We read this book last is always nice to have a few moments to share with the littles.  It was very sweet.  Josie was showing Parker how to count all the native americans and pilgrams.  Then...we finished the story and Parker grabbed the book and hit Josie over the head with it.  LOL...keeping in real...

TGIF...toodles until next time


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  1. i love this post and when i came to the part of your son hitting his sister over the head i laughed! too adorable.