Friday, March 11, 2011

So...I have been Spring cleaning...and, I tried a new product...

Method Wood for Good Spray...and, I adore it...

I hate cleaning. So, if I give a cleaning product 5 stars that means alot. This stuff smells awesome. I am serious. It smells awesome. I looked for this wonderful stuff after a blogger I follow recommended it. She raved and raved about it, but I was very skeptical (its just a cleaning product)... All it took was a wiff and I knew I had to give it a try-it has such a yummy almond smell-very natural-nothing artificial. So, it jumped in my cart...said pay for me...and, went home with me. I went home and started cleaning that very afternoon. I started with my kitchen table. It is nice and creamy when you spray it on. I also love that it is not in an aerosol can. I sprayed it on and used a microfiber cloth to clean. I did have to apply more than once because the wood on my table loved it and soaked it in. (Okay...maybe I have neglected said table a wee bit to much). I just love it. It is a natural product, not tested on animals and all that great stuff too...I now want to try more Method products and hope they all smell as good.

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