Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am sorry I have been missing for a while.  I had some not so fun things to take care of in my life.  However, things are starting to even back out.  So, expect for me to jump back in now.  Did you miss me?

Oh, and I have a new hobby.  Something completely unrelated to my kiddos.  I have started working on me. I have started doing my make-up every day.  Invested a little money in some clothes and shoes, and even got a new purse.  I feel half human.  LOL.  Anyways, I am sure I will start sharing with you about this new hobby soon.


  1. I missed you :) you should totally start as little fashion blog. Like what you got, how much it was, where you got it, do you recommend it and so on, just a thought

  2. Great idea...I am totally going to do that...