Monday, April 18, 2011

Hunter turned 14... was almost a month ago...but, better late than never.  It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to tell me what he wanted to do this year.  The gift was easy.  He wanted new tennis shoes.  Reebok Zigs to be exact.  (Oh, and 3 weeks after he got them he pitched a game in them because he only had metal cleats with him).

Ok...back to what he wanted to do...I threw everything out there and nothing sounded good to him.  Finally we decided on an indoor water park in Gatlinburg.  We took him, his girlfriend, and his best friend (plus his siblings of course).  It was a fun day...I still can't believe he is 14.  Anyways...thought I would share a few pictures...they stink...the lighting was horrible in that place but you get the idea.

Oh What FUN!!!

He was dancing (LOUD MUSIC)
Brotherly Love

Oh how I don't miss that hair.  She got it chopped off a couple of weeks ago.

Isn't he handsome?

These pictures were taken with two different cameras.  Can you tell?  Anyways...I spared you from any swimsuit pictures of myself...and, I didn't post any pictures of the other kids.  I wouldn't want to do that without their parents permission.

Toodles for now,



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