Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tried some new make-up...

  So, BZZagent sent me two things to try out. 
in Flax

in Hibiscus

The lip balm goes on great (feels like butter).  It has a nice smell.  However, it is a barely tinted lip balm so do not expect much as the way of color because it is sheer.  It will be nice to carry around this summer for easy application.

The foundation feels nice going on, and I have wore it two days.  It is a light to medium coverage.  It has a different smell.  Not a bad smell just a different smell (I guess the smell is cucumbers which is odd for make-up).  I will probably use the foundation some...but, I really like my regular foundation better.  Oh and if you care I typically use MAC Studio Fix plus powder foundation (which is awesome). 

There you have two cents.

Toodles until you hear from me again

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