Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, this was suppose to start with a pretty picture of my nails...but, guess what my camera battery is dead.  Really can't those things charge themselves.  Who can remember to take the battey out and put it on the charger (and where is my charger)?  Anyways, I will just tell you about it.

I have finally learned how to polish my nails...and it last more than a few hours.  I will share the secret with you.  (I picked this up from some online friends...ty very much guys). 

Step one: 
Base coat...not any base coat...this base coat...
This stuff is great.  Trust me.

Step 2:
Next, comes 2 coats of polish.  There are so many to love.  Today I have Wet n' Wild Craze Morbid on.  It is an awesome color...and this polish is great.  (don't always dismiss the cheaper polish)

Check out this blog and she shows all the colors available in this line...and does a great review on them.
Wet 'n Wild Craze Polish Review

Step 3:
Last you must follow up with this top coat.  I add this stuff and your nails will be dry in a flash.  It is awesome.  I can now do my nails from start to finish in about 12 minutes (thats my fingers and toes).

Toodles until next time,


P.S.  Stay tuned for holographic

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